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The Past, Present and Future of the Common Core Part 3

‘The Future of Common Core’

In January, the Task Force on Education conducted a three-part webinar series, The Past, Present and Future of Common Core. The webinars provided an informational forum to learn more about common core in a neutral environment.

The final installment of the webinar series focused on the future of the Common Core across America. Fredrick Hess, Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, gave the final keynote. Hess’s presentation posed and answered six questions that addressed what may happen to Common Core in the 2015 state legislative sessions and beyond.

  1. What is Common Core?
  2. Why is it problematic to depend on Common Core or other state academic standards to determine changes needed in a classroom?
  3. How will some states address political challenges posed by the Common Core?
  4. What will happen with the Common Core standards and testing?
  5. How will No Child Left Behind and the 2016 presidential primaries affect Common Core?
  6. What will Common Core look like in the next two to three years?

The above video was presented by Fredrick Hess from AEI and moderated by Michael Brickman from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

Watch Part 1 here.

Watch Part 2 here.

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