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Why People Are Flocking To Florida: Jonathan Williams on American Radio Journal

The Free State of Florida success story is a model for other states to imitate.

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, explained why so many Americans are flocking to Florida in his latest American Radio Journal commentary.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The famous opening of Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities is just as applicable to life today as it was when Dickens first published that story. No example of that is clearer than the contrast between left wing California and free market governed Florida, as was debated on primetime television this week with the showdown between Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Gavin Newsom of California.

On the policy approach of each state, Williams highlighted how Florida serves as model for other states.

The Free State of Florida success story is a model for other states to imitate in terms of policy. California, on the other hand, is a model for other states to avoid. California reminds us of the famous line from the great Ronald Reagan — the liberal view of the economy can be summed up as this, “if it moves tax it, and if it keeps moving regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.” Just look at where people are voting with their feet today.

Listen to the full commentary here.

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