Rich States, Poor States on Wall Street Journal Live

This week, Rich States, Poor States co-author, and member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Stephen Moore recorded a video opinion for Wall Street Journal Live covering the recent release of the report’s 6th Edition, which can be seen here.



In the interview, Moore answers some of the most frequent questions about the report.  Why does Texas not rank higher, given their performance?  Why do states like California and New York rank so poorly?  These are just a few of the conclusions that can be drawn from the 50 state report.
The 6th Edition of Rich States, Poor States builds on the work of previous editions, and lays out a clear direction for states to improve their economies.  The competitiveness index shows that states can build an economic engine leading to growth and prosperity, or one that starts and sputters, leading to economic malaise.


In Depth: Cronyism

Cronyism in tax policy stifles innovation, hinders competition and introduces a deep temptation for corruption. The 2014 ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform study, The Unseen Costs of Tax Cronyism: Favoritism and Foregone Growth, found that in the most recent year in which states published their respective tax expenditure…

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