Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on Secrets to Success and Making Government Work

At ALEC’s 2021 Annual Meeting last week in Salt Lake City, UT, I had the privilege of interviewing former Governor of Texas and former Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry.

In discussing his accomplishments as Governor of the Lone Star State, Perry explained the focus of an executive should always be to 1) implement reasonable tax policy through keeping taxes low while still being able to fund necessary programs, 2) ensure a fair and predictable regulatory environment, 3) create a fair and balanced legal system to disincentivize over-suing, and 4) maintain a skilled workforce through accountable public schools. In his view, these are the necessary foundations for a state economy to grow and thrive.

Perry also explained that his main objective during his time in the Trump cabinet was to achieve energy independence for the United States. Under his leadership, Perry was able to secure independence for the first time in over 60 years through the promotion of, primarily, liquified natural gas. He opined his frustrations with the current administration’s approach to energy – particularly in permitting construction of Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline, while cancelling Keystone XL here in the U.S.

Wrapping up his remarks, Perry encouraged state legislators to check out the book, Making America Work by Tan Parker, and he underscored the importance of the 10th amendment in the states. In his words, “Federalism is really important. Washington, D.C. will not cure your problems, you will cure your problems. Make sure that you understand, you respect, and you implement the 10th amendment every place, every opportunity you can.”

In Depth: Energy

It is difficult – and perhaps even impossible – to overstate the relationship between readily available access to safe, affordable and reliable energy and individual prosperity and economic wellbeing. This is because energy is an input to virtually everything we produce, consume and enjoy in society. Think for a minute…

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