State Legislator of the Month, April 2024: Arkansas Rep. David Ray

We are excited to announce Arkansas Representative David Ray as the ALEC State Legislator of the Month for April 2024. Representative Ray has been an exceptional leader, demonstrating creativity and leadership as state chair these past three years. He has embodied ALEC’s ideals, making him a clear champion of our mission.

The State Legislator of the Month highlights successes and acknowledges those who personify the principles at the core of ALEC–limited government, free markets, and federalism. 

Arkansas Rep. David Ray

One of Ray’s key contributions has been his leadership in event and membership recruitment. Under his guidance, Arkansas has maintained its status as one of ALEC’s largest delegations, ensuring a strong presence and impactful participation in our initiatives. In addition, he has demonstrated the strategic use of ALEC signatory letters, specifically leveraging the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Support for Israel letters to enhance meaningful collaboration among his colleagues and amplify impactful policies at the national level. These initiatives have not only bolstered active members but also strengthened the network of like-minded legislators working towards our goals.

Reflecting on his role, Ray remarked, “Being a state chair for ALEC has helped start many conversations with my colleagues about how we solve problems in ways consistent with free markets, limited government, and federalism.”

He also expressed the value of networking, stating, “ALEC has allowed me to network with legislators from across the country and learn how other states are tackling some of the same problems we face in Arkansas. States are famously referred to as the “laboratories of democracy,” and there’s tremendous value in developing relationships with like-minded legislators and sharing knowledge and experiences.”

In recognition of his dedication and vision, Ray was interviewed during last year’s 50th Annual Meeting, where he expressed his proactive approach to advancing policies aligned with ALEC’s mission, including his desire to eliminate the Arkansas income tax. In Ray’s own words, “Income taxes penalize hard work, labor, and productivity–things we need more of in society, not less of. Reducing – and ultimately eliminating – our state income tax will incentivize things we want more of relating to economic growth.”

Currently serving his second term in the Arkansas House, Ray represents District 69, which encompasses portions of Pulaski and Faulkner Counties. He is the House Vice Chair for the Joint Performance Review Committee and serves on the House Revenue and Taxation Committee and the House City, County, and Local Affairs Committee.

Ray has gained extensive experience through various roles, including consulting, strategic communications, and positions within the offices of a Lieutenant Governor and a U.S. Senator.

Representative Ray’s leadership, strategic initiatives, and commitment to advancing ALEC’s principles make him deserving of this recognition. Congratulations, Representative Ray, on being named the State Legislator of the Month for April!