State Legislator of the Month, June 2024: Nebraska Sen. Brad von Gillern

The State Legislator of the Month highlights successes and acknowledges those who personify the principles at the core of ALEC: limited government, free markets, and federalism.

We are pleased to announce that Nebraska Senator Brad von Gillern has been named the ALEC State Legislator of the Month for June. Elected to the Nebraska legislature in 2022, Senator von Gillern has made a significant impact through his dedication and commitment to ALEC’s core principles.

In the Nebraska legislature, a unicameral body, von Gillern serves on key committees, including Banking, Commerce and Insurance, Revenue, Committee On Committees, and Building Maintenance. His expertise and strategic vision have been instrumental in advancing meaningful legislation that benefits the people of Nebraska.

Nebraska Senator Brad von Gillern

Von Gillern’s motto, “Engineering a Better Nebraska,” reflects his dedication to improving the state through legislative action and community engagement. He focuses on achieving tax reform, enhancing job creation and retention efforts, and advocating for a strong educational foundation while supporting parental rights in education.

In addition to his legislative duties, von Gillern has done an outstanding job as ALEC State Chair for Nebraska, diligently increasing engagement among his colleagues and promoting ALEC’s mission. His effective leadership as State Chair is a testament to his dedication and makes him especially deserving of this recognition. Recently, ALEC hosted a Tax and Fiscal Policy Academy in his home city of Omaha, which he helped organize. This event demonstrated his commitment to educating fellow legislators from neighboring states and fostering informed discussions on critical fiscal matters.

Regarding his involvement with ALEC, Senator von Gillern shared, “I am truly honored to be recognized by ALEC as State Legislator of the Month. ALEC has been a terrific resource to me as a member of the Revenue Committee here in Nebraska, and particularly as we work hard to overhaul our tax structure.”

He emphasized, “The relationships that ALEC helps to develop with other legislators in our region are priceless. As State Chair, I will continue to work hard to bring other leaders into the fold to benefit from their ALEC membership.”

A Nebraska native, Senator von Gillern attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a B.S. in Construction Management Engineering. His leadership as a CEO and his ability to build consensus have been pivotal in his career and community service.

Senator von Gillern’s dedication to his constituents, his effective leadership as State Chair, and his proactive legislative efforts exemplify why he deserves recognition as the ALEC State Legislator of the Month for June.

Congratulations Senator Brad von Gillern on being named the State Legislator of the Month for June!