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State Legislator of the Month – MS Spkr. Philip Gunn

Thank you, Speaker Philip Gunn

For the month of January, we are pleased to announce Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn as the ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month. This award is used to highlight substantive state policy successes by State Legislators – bringing their local win to a national platform. The FreedomWorks network of activists are second to none in supporting the efforts of liberty-loving state legislators.

ALEC is governed by its all-legislator Board of Directors, with the ALEC Chairman at the head of the board. For 2020, the state legislator fearlessly leading ALEC forward is Speaker Phillip Gunn. Speaker Gunn has been a long-time supporter of sound plans of action at the state level, including calling on congress to remove the state and local tax deductions in the federal tax code. Essentially, these deductions put an undue burden on states with low taxes to cover the federal taxes of citizens in other states with high taxes. This didn’t make sense. And it’s why Speaker Gunn fought against this policy and won.

Thank you, Speaker Gunn, for protecting individual liberty and free enterprise in the states. Congratulations on being the newest ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month.

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