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The Future of States After Midterms: Lee Schalk in The Center Square

ALEC’S Vice President of Policy, Lee Schalk, voters passed and voted down a range of propositions and amendments during the midterm elections; amendments that affect taxpayers, and workers’ rights.

This 4% surcharge for millionaires that was just approved creates a new 9% top rate. That’s going to ding their economic outlook as a state pretty significantly.

With the votes that they’ve tallied so far, if that was the final count, it would be defeated. Those types of regulations, when states have too much red tape, it creates a huge burden on taxpayers, it can lead to more poverty in a state, and ultimately just become more expensive and put a huge strain on the state economy.

Prior to Midterms, we had eleven states, mostly in the South, and then you also had South Dakota, Wyoming, and a couple of others, who had not chosen to expand their Medicaid program. That is going to send shockwaves through this entire movement and the pressure campaign that’s continuing to mount on the states that have not expanded their programs.

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