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The “Greedflation” Myth and the Real Reasons Behind Higher Grocery Prices: Joe Trotter in The Washington Times

Have grocery prices been raised more than necessary?

Joe Trotter, ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Director, recently spoke with The Washington Times about the rise in grocery prices and the recent “greedflation” phenomenon.

Boycotts of Russian natural gas raised costs for American farmers by cutting off Western nations’ access to inexpensive fertilizer, said Joe Trotter of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a network of conservative state lawmakers and investors.

The Biden administration’s efforts to reduce U.S. reliance on natural gas by promoting clean energy alternatives such as electric stoves have not lowered costs, he said.

“Forget the ‘greedflation’ myth. Grocery prices are up for two specific reasons: the war in Ukraine and our government’s assault on fossil fuels,” Mr. Trotter told The Times.

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