Video Highlights from States and Nation Policy Summit 2021

There were so many memorable moments from ALEC’s 2021 States and Nation Policy Summit in San Diego. The summit featured speakers like the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and former speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich—along with many others. If you weren’t able to join us or were simply looking to re-watch some of the content, you can either scroll below or visit our YouTube channel to find the full video recordings of our general session speakers!

Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears

Coming off a historic election in Virginia, Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears addressed audiences at SNPS 2021 to tell her story, encourage legislators, and highlight the opportunity of the American Dream. Her message was a powerful reminder to listeners of the need for unwavering leadership at a time where longstanding principles have been thrown into question.

Jose Ramos of the Wounded Warrior Project

In 2012, Jose Ramos found himself severely injured by a rocket blast that left him without an arm. Since then, he’s gone from fighting on the battlefield to fighting for healing at home. As a former marine, he understands the difficult healing process that often plagues veterans who have faced physical and psychological injury due to their service. Now, as the Vice President of Government and Community Relations for the Wounded Warrior Project, Ramos brings with him a message of healing.


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a political visionary. With a mind focused on pushing ahead, Gingrich addressed audiences on a wide range of topics at this year’s States and Nation Policy Summit. He reminded listeners of the power of federalism, the need for strong education, the power of American innovation, and much more.


Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, and State Senator Julie Daniels

ALEC board member Julie Daniels, a state senator from Oklahoma, introduced audiences to the Governor of her state, Kevin Stitt. In his address, Governor Stitt told audiences about how Oklahoma’s efforts to get government out of the way had empowered small businesses to fuel the growth in local communities.


Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, a former United States Senator from the state of Pennsylvania, delivered a speech on the possibility for a convention of states—a measure given to state legislatures to counterbalance the power of a centralized government. To some, Santorum asserted, the idea of a convention of states would be an absolute impossibility. But Santorum came to the States and Nation Policy Summit with a different message: a convention of states was much more within reach than many might initially think.


Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen, a public opinion pollster, came to SNPS 2021 to talk about public transparency on issues of federalism, conservatism, and reform. A message is only as good as what it’s understood to mean. Rasmussen warns audiences that it’s sometimes the topics that matter the most that get clouded over by ambiguity.


Adam Andrzejewski

Businessman and author Adam Andrzejewski cares about openness and fighting corruption. His message of a need for accountability in United States politics urged audiences at this year’s States and Nation Policy Summit to hold elected officials to a high level of scrutiny by increasing transparency and punishing illicit monetary activity.


Senator J. Stuart Adams and Senator Karen Fann

Utah Senate President, J. Stuart Adams, introduced audiences to the next national chair for the American Legislative Exchange Council: Arizona Senate President, Karen Fann.


Katie Sinquefield Weldon Angelos

Weldon Angelos went to prison with a 105-year mandatory minimum after having been found guilty on three charges of selling cannabis. His sentence, when compared to the severity of the crime, shocked the presiding judge and many others familiar with his case. When political and public figures came together to advocate for his release, Angelos was let go. He appeared at SNPS 2021 to talk about prison reform with Katie Sinquefield.


Ja’Ron Smith

The police forces across the country are brought together by their attempts to stop crime. But not all crime is the same or can be solved with one across-the-board answer. That’s why Ja’Ron Smith addressed audiences at the States and Nation Policy Summit this past year to tell listeners about the principles behind The First Step Act—a dynamic approach to fighting crime.


Governor Kristi Noem

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota addressed audiences at the 2021 States and Nation Policy Summit, calling on lawmakers to demonstrate effective and fearless leadership amid trying times. Her message to state legislatures across the country was one of federalism, personal responsibility, and confidence.