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Why the Rise in Violent Crime: Nino Marchese on The Bill Martinez Show

Approaches that prioritize evidence-based policing tactics, properly funding law enforcement, and increasing community involvement.

Nino Marchese, ALEC Civil Justice and Criminal Justice Task Force Director was on The Bill Martinez Show discussing community-centered approaches to policing that provide a strike against violence and efforts to strengthen law enforcement’s relationship with communities.

There’s a myriad of problems and cracks in our approach to public safety and criminal justice in America right now. Prosecutors aren’t prosecuting certain crimes and police departments across the country are facing staffing shortages. But what we’re hearing from state legislators, who are members of our organization, is a plea for real solutions to the fundamental issues.

Most fail to realize how many issues law enforcement is expected to address, but the main issue in our view is targeting violent crime.  We (ALEC) are part of a coalition working to support law enforcement and state legislators so police can do exactly that.

The steps necessary to achieve such a goal are to back evidence-based policing tactics, properly fund law enforcement, and increase community involvement. Once we really start making progress in those fundamental areas, we’ll start to see these crime rates drop significantly nationwide.

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