Archive: ALEC Annual Report

Archive: ALEC Annual Report

  • 2023 ALEC Annual Report image

    2023 ALEC Annual Report

    Since its establishment in 1973, ALEC has embraced the principle of sharing trusted policy solutions. The visionary leaders behind our organization, such as former Illinois State Representative Henry Hyde, Iowa…

  • 2022 ALEC Annual Report image

    2022 ALEC Annual Report

    At the American Legislative Exchange Council, we work to promote prosperity in all fifty states, producing real change for all Americans. Opportunity exists to positively impact the lives of Americans…

  • 2021 ALEC Annual Report image

    2021 ALEC Annual Report

    More than any year in recent memory, 2021 demonstrated how everyday Americans are directly impacted by policies at the state and local level. When questions arose about when indoor dining…

  • 2018 ALEC Annual Report image

    2018 ALEC Annual Report

    In this 45th year, look no further than our alumni to see “Why ALEC matters.” It’s a Who’s Who of public officials from Vice President Pence to freshman member…

  • 2017 ALEC Annual Report image

    2017 ALEC Annual Report

    At the 2016 Indianapolis Annual Meeting, then Governor Pence who had just days before been selected as candidate Trump’s Vice-Presidential running mate declared, “I was for ALEC before ALEC was…

  • 2016 ALEC Annual Report image

    2016 ALEC Annual Report

    Now more than ever, your focus should be on the states. Right now, we are at a crossroads in American history where an incredible number of important decisions about our…