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Now more than ever, your focus should be on the states. Right now, we are at a crossroads in American history where an incredible number of important decisions about our future are going to be made—and they are going to be made by the states. The truth is the vast majority of decisions that affect people’s lives are made in state capitals, not Washington, DC.

At the same time as we are on the cusp of a new era, conservatives have also made historic gains at every level of government. Over the past eight years, conservatives won nearly 1,000 state legislative seats, more than 20 percent of the nation’s governorships and nearly 15 percent of Congress. Today, almost 60 percent of all state legislators believe in limited government, free markets and federalism.

Electoral victories are great, but then what? After the confetti settles, legislators have to legislate. After the victory, what comes next?

ALEC comes next.

For generations, ALEC has been where legislators go to better understand how and what to legislate. At ALEC, legislators gain the intellectual and policy bona fides to be good stewards of people’s hard earned dollars. They learn from each other about what worked and what didn’t so as to not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors or colleagues from different states. Together, and with the help of hardworking state legislators nationwide, we can make limited government a reality across the country.


Lisa B. Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

American Legislative Exchange Council

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