Press Release

State Legislators Meet in Kansas City to Discuss, Share Ideas

Kansas City, MO (May 2, 2014)—Hundreds of state legislators from across the country will meet today in Kansas City for the American Legislative Exchange Council 2014 Spring Task Force Summit. The Summit brings together state legislators, business members and policy experts to discuss and debate policy solutions from a limited government, free market and federalism perspective.

“We are excited to be in Kansas City and to kick off another spring meeting,” said ALEC executive director Ron Scheberle. “We look forward to all of the ideas that will be brought to the table.”

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a 501(c)3 educational organization that brings together state legislators, business leaders, think tanks and policy experts to analyze and develop solutions to state policy issues. At ALEC meetings, members come together to share ideas and exchange best practices and policy ideas in the form of model policy are drafted and voted on by members.

“ALEC is proud to celebrate 41 years of sharing and exchanging ideas,” said Scheberle. “Our members are a constant source of innovative policy solutions, and it is always exciting to see what ideas come out of our meetings.”

Only ALEC legislative members can introduce model policy ideas, and once ALEC members vote on the model policy, if passed, the model policy advances to the National Board of Legislators, which votes to ratify or reject the proposed model policy. If the Board approves the policy, it is then adopted and posted on the ALEC website for all to access.

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