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American City County Exchange (ACCE) welcomes new members at ALEC 41st Annual Meeting in Dallas

American City County Exchange (ACCE) welcomes new members at ALEC 41st Annual Meeting in Dallas

Arlington, Virginia (August 6, 2014)—Mayors, city councilmen and municipal leaders joined state legislators, business leaders, citizen groups and policy experts from around the country in Dallas from July 30-Aug. 1 for the 41st American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting. The three-day conference provided opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas and learn about the latest local policy trends and research in an academic setting.

The conference also introduced the American City County Exchange (ACCE) and welcomed new ACCE members. Mayor John Harkins of Stratford, Connecticut, and Nicholas J. Wachinski, Esquire, executive director of the American Bail Coalition, have been appointed to serve as Co-Chairs for the American City County Exchange.

“It is an honor to have Mayor Harkins and Mr. Wachinski lead the American City County Exchange,” said Jon Russell, ACCE Director. “I have full confidence in their abilities to grow our membership and chart a positive course to advance limited government and free market principles on the local level.”

“ACCE simply stated is good policy,” said Nicholas J. Wachinski, Esquire. “It is a chance for community governmental leaders to inform the private sector about needs and for the private sector to meet those needs. It will be a keystone in building a fiscally responsible foundation of solutions to local government issues.”

The mission ACCE is to advance limited government and free market principles in local government through model policies, conferences and online collaboration. During the group’s first meeting, members adopted the following value statement:

ACCE Value Statement

The American City County Exchange brings together local elected officials and private sector members to develop public policy that promotes accountability, transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness rooted in limited government and free market principles.

“I look forward to being National Co-chair and a member of ACCE that will specialize in studying and finding ways for municipalities to improve delivery of services at lower costs to taxpayers, engage in discussion with policy experts regarding local governance, and will allow for participation in a free market forum with other policy makers,” said Mayor Harkins. “Local officials face more challenges than ever in this difficult economy. ACCE will further provide fresh ideas and discussion on a non-partisan basis which is quite frankly long overdue.”

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