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ALEC Scholar Dr. Arthur Laffer Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Daniel Reynolds

ALEC Scholar Dr. Arthur Laffer Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom 

Sound economics recognized by the President and this award

ARLINGTON, VA – (June 19, 2019) Today, Dr. Arthur Laffer will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dr. Laffer has been at the forefront of developing successful, free market economic policy for governors, presidents and states – from President Ford all the way to President Trump. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been honored to work with him on fiscal responsibility and government accountability for more than a decade. ALEC is thankful for his co-authorship of our annual publication: the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, Rich States, Poor States. This report clearly articulates how the policies of Dr. Laffer benefit state economies.

At the 2017 ALEC States and Nations Policy Summit in Nashville, TN, Dr. Laffer was the first recipient of the Laffer Award for Economic Excellence – an award offered to national leaders in free market economics.

ALEC Chief Executive Officer Lisa B. Nelson states, “I have been honored to count Art as a close friend for more than a decade. His guidance has helped both me and ALEC legislators across the states protect hardworking taxpayers while increasing economic prosperity for all Americans.” Nelson continues, “I personally want to congratulate Dr. Art Laffer on his successful career and thank President Trump for recognizing such a worthy, national thought-leader.”

“Dr. Laffer and I have partnered to research and construct state economic policies for well over a decade,” says ALEC Chief Economist and Vice President Jonathan Williams. “No one is better at bringing complex economic theories down to earth than Dr. Laffer. Take, for example, the Laffer Curve, which concisely illustrates the relationship between tax rates and tax revenue, due to changes in incentives and human behavior. It’s a concept that has changed public policy decision-making forever. From an economic perspective, I could not think of a more deserving recipient for the Presidential Freedom Award than my friend, Arthur Laffer.”


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