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ALEC Welcomes Confirmation of Katherine Tai as USTR Ambassador

Alexis Jarrett

ALEC Welcomes Confirmation of Katherine Tai as USTR Ambassador

ARLINGTON, VA – (MARCH 31, 2021) The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) congratulates Katherine Tai on her confirmation and swearing in as the new United States Trade Representative (USTR). ALEC members applaud her plans to capitalize on global commerce’s potential to rebuild America’s post-pandemic economy and to strengthen US strategic alliances by enhancing our trading partnerships.

ALEC members have long understood the power of international trade to lift nations out of poverty and to create and support millions of jobs in the United States. The vast majority of US exporters are not large corporations but small to medium-sized enterprises, and ALEC members recognize that the states and the industries located within their states are the clear beneficiaries of sound trade policy.

“I wish Katherine Tai great success as USTR Ambassador and applaud her vision to pursue trade policies that will benefit all Americans,” said Texas State Representative Tan Parker, ALEC’s Chair of International Trade. “I especially appreciate her commitment to the groundbreaking United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) that was supported by ALEC legislators across the country during the previous Administration. ALEC looks forward to working with her as she leads an agency that is critical to America’s economic well-being.”

“Katherine Tai’s leadership will be critical as we navigate economic uncertainty from the pandemic and seek to roll back the tariffs and protectionist policies that weaken our nation.” said Lisa B. Nelson, ALEC’s CEO. “America needs her to succeed, and I am confident that her experience at USTR and in Congress as Chief Trade Counsel for the House Ways and Means Committee has prepared her for this moment.”

“I applaud Katherine Tai’s commitment to rebuilding our international partnerships and to strengthening our international supply chains,” said Karla Jones, ALEC’s Sr. Director of International Relations & Federalism. “One of her most immediate tasks will be developing a strategy to manage the US trade relationship with China. Prioritization of a US-Taiwan bilateral trade agreement would signal to Beijing that the United States regards its commitments under the Taiwan Relations Act and the Six Assurances seriously.”

ALEC members are hopeful that Ambassador Tai will roll back tariffs, which can be likened to discriminatory taxes and are ultimately paid for by hardworking Americans. Because many job-creating American businesses rely on imported components, tariffs actually harm those American families and workers they are purported to help.

ALEC members congratulate Ambassador Tai and regard her leadership at USTR with optimism. We look forward to exchanging ideas with her on trade as the states are the ultimate stakeholders for trade policy.

ALEC members have adopted model policies intended to enhance global economic partnerships including:

Resolution Supporting the United States in Signing a Bilateral Trade Agreement with Taiwan

Resolution Urging Negotiation of a Bilateral Free Trade Agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom

Resolution Urging Canada’s Administration to Appropriately Value and Protect Intellectual Property Rights by Reassessing the Changes to the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Regulations and Eliminating Section 8 Damages

Resolution Urging Congress to Reassert Its Constitutional Authority over International Commerce


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