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American Legislative Exchange Council Adopts 2016 Spring Task Force Summit Model Policies

Newest Model Policies Can Be Found Here

Arlington, Virginia (June 24, 2016)— The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) brought together state legislators and stakeholders in May at the Spring Task Force Summit in Pittsburgh. During the May 6 meeting, attendees shared ideas and developed draft model policies that were focused on limited government, free markets and federalism. This week, the ALEC Board of Directors officially adopted twenty model policies.

Of these model policies, several of them focus on education reform. The A-Plus Literacy Act keeps schools and districts in check through report cards. If a school gets a poor Report Card grade, this model policy grants parents the ability to request an opportunity scholarship for their child to attend a private school. The Open Enrollment Act is another model policy adopted, which would allow a student to attend any public school or program in the state.

The ALEC Board of Directors also adopted five model policies dealing with criminal justice reform. One of these model policies is The Criminal Intent Protection Act, which will protect people from unjust punishment when dealing with vague criminal offenses.

Another model policy, Resolution in Support of Ending Unauthorized Federal Spending, supports placing all discretionary programs on a reauthorization schedule and phasing out funding for those programs that Congress fails to reauthorize.

ALEC will host its 43rd Annual Meeting on July 27-29 in Indianapolis, Indiana, where members will participate in various task force meetings and policy workshops and hear from multiple keynote speakers.

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ALEC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that provides nonpartisan research, study and analysis. ALEC facilitates interaction between private and public sector leaders, think tanks and citizen groups through meetings and policy development.

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