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American Legislative Exchange Council to host 43rd Annual Meeting in Indianapolis

American Legislative Exchange Council to host 43rd Annual Meeting in Indianapolis

Arlington, Virginia (February 13, 2015)—The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) announced today that Indianapolis, Indiana is the location of the 2016 ALEC Annual Meeting. The meeting brings together state legislators, business leaders, policy experts and citizen organizations to share experiences and ideas and develop research-based model policies focused on limited government, free markets and federalism.

“We are excited to announce ALEC members will be meeting in Indianapolis for the 2016 Annual Meeting,” said Texas State Representative Phil King, ALEC National Chair. “Every year, we look forward to our Annual Meeting to discuss state policy solutions through the lens of limited government, free markets and federalism.”

During the three-day conference, members will participate in training sessions and attend policy workshops and task force meetings. Attendees will also hear from several keynote speakers.

“Our annual meeting is an opportunity for state legislators to exchange policy ideas with their colleagues from around the country,” said ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “Lawmakers will share the successes and failures of their state policies and learn how to best apply limited government, free market and federalism principles in their own state.”

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a 501(c)(3) educational organization that provides nonpartisan research, study and analysis. ALEC facilitates interaction between public and private sector leaders, think tanks and citizen groups through meetings and model policy development.

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