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Common Cause Continues to Propose Absurd Conspiracy Theories

March 28, 2012

Common Cause Continues to Propose Absurd Conspiracy Theories: Grassroots, Bipartisan Opposition Drive Action Against Industry-Supported Individual Mandate

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments this week to decide whether the Constitution permits the government to force people into private contracts with health insurance companies.  Whether or not it’s constitutional, activists, voters and legislators of both political parties agree that it’s bad policy and are working to stop this legislation.

Contrary to Common Cause’s irresponsible and irrational claims, the health insurance industry strongly supports the individual mandate included in ObamaCare, and the pharmaceutical industry supported federal health reform as well.

Here are some other facts that Common Cause ignored while arguing the exact opposite of reality:

  •  This month a Kaiser tracking poll showed that two-thirds of Americans (and a majority of Democrats) oppose the individual mandate and most believe the Supreme Court should strike it down.  A recent USAToday/Gallup poll found 72% of Americans oppose the individual mandate with 56% of Democrats in opposition.
  • 14 states from various regions have enacted statutes or constitutional amendments opposing compulsory insurance.
  • Ohioans voted 2-1 to amend their state constitution as did Oklahomans.
  • More than 71 % of Missourians voted for a ballot measure that would fight the individual mandate.
  • Many state legislatures that passed anti-mandate bills did so with bipartisan support.
  • Virginia’s Democratic controlled senate passed ALEC’s  Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, and both houses of Louisiana’s legislature, which were at the time controlled by Democrats, passed this bill.

What is strikingly absurd about Common Cause’s claims is the notion that the health care industry opposes the individual mandate.  Compulsory insurance forces every American to pay premiums to the industry and provides large amounts of taxpayer money to help finance it.  It would be like General Motors opposing a law that requires every American to purchase a car.  Those who are driving this grassroots campaign are the vast majority of Americans of all political stripes who oppose the government forcing them into contracts with private industry.

Common Cause usually plays loose with facts in pursuit of its goals, but this is playing loose with common sense.

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