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Walker, Cruz and Huckabee to Speak at American Legislative Exchange Council 42nd Annual Meeting in San Diego

July 22-24 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

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Arlington, Virginia (July 13, 2015)—Thousands of state legislators, business leaders, policy experts and citizen organizations will come together in San Diego for the 42nd American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting July 22-24. Attendees will share experiences and ideas and develop research-based model policies focused on limited government, free markets and federalism.

During the three-day conference, members will participate in training sessions, policy workshops and task force meetings. Attendees will also hear from keynote speakers, including presidential hopefuls Governor Scott Walker, former Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Ted Cruz. Other speakers include author Travis Brown, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, actor Clint Howard, Economist Dr. Arthur Laffer, West Virginia Solicitor General Elbert Lin, Dr. Frank Luntz and Economist Stephen Moore.

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Wednesday, July 22

12:00 PM-2:00 PM, Opening Luncheon

  • Keynote Speakers: Actor Clint Howard and West Virginia Solicitor General Elbert Lin

2:15 PM-3:30 PM, Policy Workshops

  • Higher Education Freedom of Thought
    • Moderator: Senator Howard Stephenson (UT)
    • Panelists:
      • William Jacobson, Clinical Professor of Law-Director, Cornell Law School
      • Robert Shibley, Executive Director, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
      • Peter Woods, President, National Association of Scholars
  • Discussion on VAPE: Word of the Year
    • Moderator: Bonnie Herzog, Managing Director and Senior Tobacco, Beverage and Convenience Store Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities
    • Panelists:
      • Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer, Majority Leader of the Iowa House of Representatives and practicing cardiology nurse practitioner
      • Scott Balin, Tobacco and Health Policy Consultant – Washington D.C.
      • Sally Satel, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a psychiatrist specializing in Addiction

3:45 PM-5:00 PM, Policy Workshops

  • A Brave New World: Effective, Efficient and Cost Responsible Alternatives in Criminal Justice
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists: Aryeh Lightstone, Senior Vice President, Copia
  • Building an Infrastructure for Innovation: The Drug Discovery Process and the Promise for Patients
    • Moderator: Rolf Benirschke, Chief Patient Officer at Legacy Health Strategies and former place-kicker for the San Diego Chargers
    • Panelists:
      • Liz Helms, President/CEO of the California Chronic Care Coalition
      • Scott A. Suckow, Vice President of Development and Government Relations, Mental Health Systems Convener, California Chronic Care Coalition in San Diego County
      • Tony Maynard, Advocacy Chair, Hemophilia Council of California


Thursday, July 23

8:00 AM-9:15 AM, Plenary Breakfast

  • Keynote Speaker: Governor Scott Walker

9:30 AM-10:45 AM, Policy Workshops

  • Setting an Effective State-Led Education
    • Moderator: Karen Nussle, CEO of Ripple Communications and Executive Director of Collaborative for Student Success

      • Paige Kowalski, Student Data Quality Campaign
      • Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota Superintendent
      • Terry Kaldhusdal, Wisconsin Teacher of the Year
      • Melissa Woodbury (NV)
  • Dark Money Debate: What Lawmakers Need to Know About the First Amendment and Anonymous Political Speech
    • Moderator: Starlee Coleman, State Policy Network
    • Panelists:
      • David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics
      • Jon Riches, general counsel and a litigator at the Goldwater Institute

11:00 AM-12:15 PM, Policy Workshops

  • Advances in Medication-Assisted Treatment Models in Alternatives to Incarceration
    • Moderator: Mark Boesen, Pharm.D., J.D.

      • Eric Hutchings (UT)
      • Senator Brandt Hershman (IN)
      • Delegate Chris Stansbury (WV)
  • Leveraging Innovation for Cost Savings in Medicaid Dental Program Administration
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists:
      • Billy Millwee, former Texas Health and Human Services Commission Deputy Executive Commissioner and Texas Medicaid Director

12:30 PM–2:00 PM, Plenary Lunch

  • Keynote Speakers: Representative Rick Miller (TX), Former Governor Mike Huckabee and Dr. Frank Luntz

Friday, July 24

8:00 AM-9:30 AM, Plenary Breakfast

  • Keynote Speakers: Dr. Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore

9:30 AM-10:45 AM, Policy Workshops

  • Article V – Proposed Rules for a Convention of States
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists:
      • Rita Dunaway, Esq., National Legislative Strategist – Convention of States
      • Ken Ivory. Utah House of Representatives, 47th District
      • Mark Meckler, Citizens for Self-Governance — President
      • Rob Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence, Independence Institute

11:00 AM-12:15 PM, Policy Workshops

  • Renewable Energy Mandate Reform: State Case Studies
    • Moderator: Representative David Reis (IL)
    • Panelists: 
      • Senator Bill Seitz (OH)
      • Mike O’Neal, president and CEO of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce
      • Todd Myers, Director of the Center for the Environment, Washington Policy Center
  • Utilizing Technology and Data Analytics to Promote Efficiencies in Government
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists:
      • Representative Jason Saine (NC)

12:30 PM–2:15 PM Plenary Lunch

  • Keynote Speakers: Travis Brown and Senator Ted Cruz

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