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New Report Urges Uniformity in Legislation Regarding Drone Operations

Report examines state laws on Unmanned Aerial Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UASs/UAVs)

Arlington, VA (October 13, 2016)— An estimated 2.8 million drones will be purchased in the United States this year alone as interest in the new technology has soared in recent years, according to a new report,  A Guide to State Laws Impacting UAS/UAV Operations: A Resource for Recreational, Non-Recreational and Commercial Drone Operators, released today by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Written by Jonathan Hauenschild, J.D., the report explores the benefits of minimally restrictive legislation of drone operations and discusses potential issues for drone operators who fly in multiple states if there is no uniformity between the laws. The report highlights the laws already on the books and the impact they could have on drone operators.

“Interest in drones has exploded over the past few years. In a few more years, drones may be ubiquitous,” said Jonathon Hauenschild, Director of the ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force. “In the meantime, states are debating and enacting legislation that ultimately permits or restricts drone operations. In my research, I was unable to locate a good source for the states laws impacting the average man or woman who wanted to operate drones. This report is intended to act as a resource for those average operators—a resource they can use as a starting point to understand the laws in the state where they want to fly their drones.”

The full report can be found here.

A Guide to State Laws Impacting UAS/UAV Operations: A Resource for Recreational, Non-Recreational and Commercial Drone Operators takes a closer look at the regulations placed upon those operating drones and recommends that legislators pass predictable and uniform laws so as not to hinder or limit drone operations. This report offers research and suggested opportunities for state lawmakers interested in protecting drone technology innovation and operations.


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