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NH Can Lead on Privacy Protection | New Hampshire Union Leader

In the wake of the NSA scandal, American citizens demand Congress take a hard look at government surveillance practices. While only the federal government has the power to halt NSA activities, the states will likely be the real battleground for privacy issues. In fact, state legislators are actively moving legislation aimed at protecting citizens’ civil liberties in the digital age.

Digitally connected devices are an integral part of Americans’ daily lives. More than 90 percent of Americans deem essential one device in particular: the smartphone. For many, the buzz of a smartphone alarm is the first thing heard each morning, and the hum of a phone powering off is the last thing heard each night. Every day, people use mobile devices to exchange text and voice messages, check emails, take photos, browse the web and update Facebook accounts. Advanced geolocation services mean our mobile devices now reveal where we have been, where we are and where we plan to go.