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State and Local Decision-Makers Gather to Discuss 2020 Policy Priorities at the ALEC States & Nation Policy Summit

Dan Reynolds

State and Local Decision-Makers Gather to Discuss 2020 Policy Priorities at the ALEC States & Nation Policy Summit

States Lead the Way in Opportunity Creation and Addressing Human Need

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (December 4, 2019) – Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) begins the winter’s most influential gathering in state policy: the ALEC States & Nation Policy Summit. The meeting welcomes nearly 1,000 of the country’s most influential legislators, policy experts and stakeholders from across the states as they prepare for the 2020 legislative session.

“ALEC is a wellspring of learning of, by and for legislators,” said South Carolina Representative and ALEC Chairman Alan Clemmons. He continued, “Our constituents deserve the best ideas to increase opportunity, and, as legislators, it is incumbent upon each of us to seek ongoing education so that we may better serve our communities.”

At the ALEC meeting, legislators will consider 59 important model policies on topics ranging from micro-mobility and counterfeit pharmaceuticals to policies supporting the creation of addiction recovery centers and limiting the use of solitary confinement. Attendees will also attend workshops and learn about state approaches to education opportunity, healthcare reform and ending female genital mutilation, among other pressing issues.

“ALEC and its members advance individual liberty and free enterprise in the states – connecting people with opportunity and getting government out of the way,” said ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “As our members prepare for the next legislative session, they come to ALEC to exchange and test ideas.”

ALEC member legislators are nearly three times as effective as any other group of elected officials. USA Today reported that of 10,000 bills analyzed in state legislatures from 2010-2018, 2,900 were based on ALEC model policy and more than 600 became law.

The three-day States & Nation Policy Summit will continue in Scottsdale from December 4-6, 2019.

All ALEC model policies are available at

General sessions will be livestreamed at


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