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State Leaders Renew Demand for Israeli Support Following Iranian Attack

ALEC letter signed by 203 legislators across 42 states.

Arlington, VA – Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) urged President Biden to call on university presidents and community leaders to quell the pro-Hamas rallies and ensure the safety of their students, residents, and neighborhoods. Pointing to their letter earlier this year asking the president to strengthen support for Israel following the brutally unprovoked October Hamas attacks, the renewed plea implores the president to recognize Israel’s inherent right to defend its citizens and land, demanding resolute action against threats to its very existence.

“Amidst orchestrated protests swaying students nationwide and wavering support from our own leadership, it’s crucial now more than ever to recognize that Israel, as the United States’ most dependable ally in a challenging region, deserves nothing short of our steadfast support,” stated ALEC CEO, Lisa B. Nelson. “After thwarting Iran’s unprecedented air attack earlier this month, Israel averted any significant loss thanks to the exceptional capabilities of the IDF’s air defense systems, bolstered by support from US forces and the Jordanian Air Force. This decisive action demonstrates Israel’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its people and upholding the democratic values cherished by both our nations. As the United States’ most reliable ally in a fraught region, Israel deserves our unwavering support.”

The joint letter – also sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee – urges President Biden to endorse “Israel’s right to pursue – without interference or condemnation – the elimination of Hamas and affiliated groups until permanently neutralized.” Signed by 203 legislators from 42 states, notable signatories include prominent state leaders such as ALEC Board Member and Texas State Senator Phil King.

“Iran’s recent attack on Israel underscores the ongoing threats faced by the nation. Unfortunately, the concerning trend of aggression is fueled by the Biden Administration’s approach to Iran, emboldening such hostile actions. As Texans, it’s imperative that we unwaveringly stand with Israel, particularly as protests against its sovereignty intensify. As Texans, it is imperative to stand with Israel, especially as protests against its sovereignty intensify. Governor Abbott’s decisive action against hate-filled demonstrations at the University of Texas reaffirms our solidarity as we pray for peace while supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against all threats,” said King.

Pro-Hamas rallies have popped up on American campuses and city centers following Israel’s response to Iran’s recent drone attacks. Littered with the familiar antisemitic chants of intifada and from the river to the sea, they stand in direct opposition to Israel’s inherent right to protect its country and its people.

Read ALEC’s model resolution affirming support for Israel.

“Israel has the right and the duty to neutralize Hamas, an Iranian proxy,” said Karla Jones, ALEC’s Sr. Director of Federalism, Homeland Security and International Relations. “Iran’s brazen but failed attack, followed by Israel’s calculated but measured air assault on Isfahan – the center of Iran’s nuclear weapons program — demonstrated Israel’s strength without sparking an immediate escalation in the conflict and demonstrates how interconnected so many of the challenges that America and our allies face. The Iranian missiles so deftly intercepted by Israel’s air defenses are the same ones used by Russia against Ukraine.”

Read ALEC’s Letter to President Biden here.

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