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ALEC Speaker Identification and Engagement Statement

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation’s largest and oldest voluntary membership organization of state legislators, recently hosted nearly 1,500 state legislators and stakeholders at the 45th ALEC Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. The meeting included keynote addresses from national policy leaders including federal cabinet secretaries and Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, among other prominent state executives. During the successful and energizing five-day meeting, ALEC hosted nearly 100 speakers. One speaker’s remarks have been the subject of negative attention.

ALEC takes speaker vetting seriously and—in partnership with meeting sponsors—applies a rigorous process to identify speakers on important matters of public policy. Each speaker is apprised of the ALEC policy focus, how to address the audience and what issues not to discuss. ALEC does not work on social issues. Rather it focuses on limited government, free markets and federalism at the intersection of the economy and public policy.

In this case, the speaker was advised of the program parameters and did not abide the process.

Upon learning of concern following the conclusion of remarks, ALEC staff removed the video archive of the livestream and ceased promotion of the speech as the comments were inconsistent with the manner in which speeches are offered at ALEC.

ALEC is committed to transparency and to live streaming events to provide a public window into ALEC deliberations. It is that very commitment to transparency that has provided this learning opportunity. ALEC is committed to helping create a better life for everyone—through public policy. Our speakers should reflect that.


The American Legislative Exchange Council is the largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. The Council is governed by state legislators who comprise the Board of Directors and is advised by the Private Enterprise Advisory Council, a group of private, foundation and think tank members. For more information about the American Legislative Exchange Council, please visit: www.alec.org.