Position Statements

ALEC Statement in Support of FCC Chairman Pai

Since the Federal Communications Commission recently released its draft revision of the 2015 Open Internet Order, sometimes referred to as “net neutrality,” progressive activists have attacked Chairman Pai, his ethnicity and his family.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) condemns these attacks. Policy disagreements, even vigorous disagreements, should never spill into the personal life, background or family of any official, elected or appointed.

ALEC is a forum where legislators, academics and other stakeholders vigorously debate ideas and policy. Disagreement is standard operating procedure, and the result is better policy. But ALEC members understand the value of debate, and choose to celebrate debate rather than engage in character assassination and personal attacks.

It is the commitment to debate and the free exchange of ideas, not personal attacks, that defines both ALEC and the United States as a whole.

One may disagree with the decision to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order, but the best manner to express such disagreement is by engaging in debate regarding the merit of the policy. Name, shame and defame campaigns have no bearing on policy and only obscure the very important issue at hand: Whether citizens should be able to direct their internet experience, or whether unelected federal bureaucrats should be able to micromanage the internet.

Unfortunately, personal attacks, threats of violence and ethnic intimidation have become tools too frequently employed by activist groups. Rather than advance their ideas through thoughtful debate, they have made the decision to threaten, abuse and silence their opponents through threats of violence and personal attacks.

ALEC supports Chairman Pai and encourages all parties to come to the table and discuss ideas that will preserve internet freedom.