States Will Continue to Lead the Way and Provide Real Solutions

Contact: Anna Tarnawski

States Will Continue to Lead the Way and Provide Real Solutions

Arlington, VA (November 09, 2018)—During the 2018 midterm elections 87 of the country’s 99 state legislative chambers were on the ballot. 6,169 legislative seats – nearly 84 percent – were decided by the American people in the states. While final vote totals are still being tallied, state outcomes were positive for limited government and the free market. 

At a time of supposed realignment, outcomes broadly highlighted in the news media were largely expected. Traditionally red areas became redder while traditionally blue areas become bluer. The real realignment in many cases was one of less government and more freedom. Candidates that led with economic messages—tax cuts, jobs and the economy—faired very well. And, ballot measures and initiatives like the Florida constitutional amendment to require a supermajority vote for any tax increase illustrate the power of fiscal responsibility in the states.

There is general agreement that gridlock will continue—or perhaps even increase—in Washington, DC. And, as a result, states will continue to lead the way and provide real solutions. The critical questions of our day will be decided by state legislators: how our children are educated, how they are protected from crime, how we safeguard our environment while building a strong and growing economy, how we end the scourge of drugs, how we care for those in need.

The hallmark of ALEC has always been collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Quorum, an independent data firm, found ALEC members are 2.71 times as collaborative as any other segment of legislator (Democrats, Republicans, legislators as a whole). During the 2019 legislative session we encourage engagement and dialogue amongst all state legislators.

All legislators want the best for their communities. They want vibrant and growing communities. They may disagree on the approach, but we all agree on the goal. Following the mid-term elections, ALEC is hopeful for continued economic growth and prosperity for states and state legislators across the states.

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