Innovate: Policy For the Future

by Sen. Michael Hough

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Innovate: Policy For the Future

Solutions to today’s problems come from creative thinking and a genuine plan of action. Government should operate in the 21st Century instead of the 1950s, yet long lines, unclear objectives and poor performance are persistently associated with government programs. A government that meets the needs of its people is innovative and held to a high standard.

Innovate: Policy for the Future offers solutions that cut red tape and promote economic growth and competition. Government should facilitate the development of new ideas and innovations, and the policies offered in this book inform and educate the debate on best government practices.

Hard work is needed to break out of the cycle of stagnant ideas and old ways of legislating. ALEC provides a platform for legislators looking to share and find new understanding of the challenges facing their states. Using this book, legislators can start the discussions in their states of how to best streamline government services and create a system that is efficient, effective and accountable.

Hardworking taxpayers deserve a government that respects and protects their time and money. As legislatures set their 2015 priorities, commitment to measurable success and investment in a healthy economy should be the top goals. Good ideas—and the courage to see them through— produce real results, and ALEC supports all legislators looking to lead with break out ideas in the 21st Century.