Tax Myths Debunked

by Dr. Randall Pozdena & Dr. Eric Fruits

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Across the country, states are seeking new ways to become more economically competitive and better ways to grow. Unfortunately, economic prosperity can be elusive, as some policy prescriptions that are supposed to help miss the mark. All too often, myths about taxes and budgets are prevalent in public policy debates and misinformation abounds. It is important to set the record straight with the facts regarding which policies allow a state to prosper and which policies can trap a state in economic malaise.

In Tax Myths Debunked, renowned economists Dr. Randall Pozdena, former vice president of research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, and Dr. Eric Fruits refute the Left’s popularly repeated myths about taxes and spending. Using both theoretical and empirical evidence, Tax Myths Debunked confirms what is clearly proven in Rich States, Poor States: The key to economic prosperity at the state level is in free-market, pro-growth tax and fiscal policy.

For more information about pro-growth tax and fiscal policy please contact Jonathan Williams, Director of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform and the Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force at or (202) 742-8533.

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