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Resisting Medicaid Expansion and Embracing School Choice: ALEC National Chairman Ty Masterson on The Hugh Hewitt Show

We're still trying to empower parents with educational choice.

ALEC National Chairman, Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson spoke with host Hugh Hewitt this week about upcoming legislative priorities in Kansas and across the states in 2024 — from resisting Medicaid expansion to expanding school choice and implementing sound tax reform.

Masterson highlighted his concern that Medicaid expansion is rife with improper payments and not leading to better health outcomes.

The data is in — Medicaid has been expanded in many states for a long time. It is not saving rural hospitals, and it is not doing what they said it would do. Fraud is over $132 billion according to CMS. Emergency room usage is not going down — it’s going the other direction…People think this is expanding to the disabled, and the low-income pregnant women, but they’re the ones being displaced by Medicaid expansion, and they’re getting a little to no better outcomes.  You’ve got to look at the whole picture, where you’re displacing the population it was actually meant to help — that for us is more important.

On school choice, Masterson noted that education freedom policies create opportunity for all Americans.

The one thing COVID did was expose a real need for school choice. You go to the inner cities; those are the ones who need choices. Quite frankly, wealthy people have choice. They can go spend their money on a private school of their choice.  We’re trying to bring that to everyone to have the ability to have a choice in their education.

Watch the full interview here.