A Winning Playbook for Policymakers

This year, ALEC celebrates its 50th year of trusted policy solutions, and this week, the ALEC policy team has published our Essential Policy Solutions for 2023, detailing the best free-market solutions to issues across the states and in Washington, DC.

The publication highlights eight high-priority areas of focus for 2023 and features 65 ALEC model policies on economic competitiveness, building better communities, protecting individual liberty, infrastructure, education freedom, health care, international relations, and functional federalism.

Economic Competitiveness

To ensure economic competitiveness in the states, we suggest sound pension reform, responsible budgeting, pro-growth tax policy, maintaining energy reliability and affordability, ensuring worker freedom, regulatory reform, and lawsuit reform.

Building Better Communities

We want to focus on building better communities by addressing several important issues the states are facing. These include violent crime reduction, addressing mental health and homelessness, housing and land use reform, school security, enabling innovation in emerging technologies, and border security.

Protecting Individual Liberty

We want to continue to protect individual liberty by defending free speech, especially in higher education and on social media. Additionally, data privacy is expected to be an important issue this year, as well as judicial reform.


Another issue we want to focus on this year is infrastructure, specifically increasing cybersecurity, expanding broadband development and access through projects rooted in free market principles, and protecting critical infrastructure.

Education Freedom

2023 has already been a great year for education freedom, but we want to continue that momentum. To do so, we suggest expanding universal education savings accounts and addressing controversial curriculum through increased parental involvement.

Health Care

We also want to focus on several health care reforms this year, such as price transparency, Medicaid reform, sound prescription drug policy, and securing health care data.


Two of our international priorities this year are focusing on China’s threat potential and taking steps, such as prohibiting Confucius Institutes at public universities and prohibiting state contracts with Chinese government-owned or affiliated technology manufacturers and strengthening our economic and strategic partnerships.

Functional Federalism

Lastly, we want to maintain a functional federalist system as our Founding Fathers intended, which includes protecting the Electoral College and our system of elections outlined in the Constitution.

To learn more about ALEC’s 2023 policy priorities, as well as our model policies and publications, read our full publication, Essential Policy Solutions for 2023, here.