ALEC CEO Travels to Missouri

Recently, CEO Lisa B. Nelson met with lawmakers in the Missouri General Assembly. Lisa was welcomed by Speaker Todd Richardson, House Majority Floor Leader Mike Cierpiot and Senate President Pro-Tem Ron Richard to discuss how the American Legislative Exchange Council can be a policy resource in the Show-Me State.

In a world of term limits, ALEC offers valuable assistance to overcoming the steep learning curve faced by newly-elected legislators. ALEC brings together legislators, industry leaders and public policy experts to debate and develop state-based solutions to challenges facing the states. ALEC research and policy analysis, comparative studies and model policies offer lawmakers knowledge and experience they may not otherwise easily access. Members in Missouri belong to ALEC because they become better advocates for their communities through the policy education they receive from these expert sources.

We’re delighted to welcome 18 new legislator members in Missouri from both sides of the aisle to collaborate with policymakers across the country.