ALEC Is Newest Member of Advisory Council of the Speaker’s Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs

Earlier this month, ALEC was invited to join the Advisory Council of the U.S. House Speaker’s Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs. Chaired by Utah Congressman Rob Bishop, the Task Force has a five-fold mission:

  • Partnering with states, tribes and local governments to balance the interests of governments;
  • Providing a forum for states, cities and counties to showcase their innovation and creativity in solving public policy problems;
  • Examining the effects of federal rules and regulations on state and local partners;
  • Developing proposals to partner with and empower states, tribes, local governments, private institutions, families and individuals; and
  • Examining the extent to which the burdens shared among states, tribes and local governments may be re-allocated to improve the quality of life in all communities.

ALEC will join a vibrant group of other non-partisan organizations active in public policy affecting state, tribal and local governments. Find out more about the Task Force here.

In Depth: Federalism

Genuine accountability to hardworking taxpayers results when state and local legislators work with members of the community to determine a plan of action that is right for each individual state, city or town. Real solutions to America’s challenges can be found in the states – America’s fifty laboratories of democracy…

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