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Israel and Hamas, State EV Mandates, and More: Jonathan Williams on OANN’s Weekly Briefing

 Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, was featured on One America News Network as part of a panel discussion on the ongoing conflict in Israel and calls for foreign aid, the impact on political discourse following former President Trump’s gag order, the latest demands on states from the transition to electric vehicles, and more.

Regarding sending and monitoring humanitarian aid to Palestine, Jonathan talks about being transparent with its use.

The government of Gaza is Hamas, a terrorist organization, and these dollars are going to find their way to terrorists’ purposes because all money is fungible at the end of the day. Everyone across the board would love to know if Americans continue to be held as hostages by Hamas right now in Gaza — and to know, with the humanitarian aid, whether for the right reasons or the wrong reasons going there, what are we getting for it?

Regarding the recent executive order from the New Mexico governor calling for the transition to electric vehicles, Jonathan remarked that the governor should think twice about taking unilateral action on this issue.

It is not anything new that she’s trying to govern by executive fiat and go around the legislative branch. The bigger question is whether this is good for America and is it good for New Mexico, where a governor with a swipe of a pen can come in and say we’re going to move to electric vehicles. Governor Grisham is pushing the envelope with anti-taxpayer policies. This is obviously bigger than New Mexico alone.

Watch the full panel here.