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ALEC on Talkback Radio: Cutting Taxes Attracts New Residents

We love Gov. DeSantis. He's been a real hero for individual liberty.

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Chief Economist and Executive Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams joined Talkback Radio host Chuck Wilder this week to talk about why some states thrive while others languish.  

Host Chuck Wilder:

There’s this report you put out that shows cutting taxes, paying down debt and maintaining free market policies all of this attracts new residents.

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Chief Economist:

That’s right. We have a great track record over the past 15 years of doing this report with Reagan economist Dr. Arthur Laffer. He’s a former California resident, as you know, a tax refugee who left California and went to Tennessee to take advantage of their low income tax status. The proof is in the pudding. Americans are voting with their feet, as we like to say away from big government and high tax states.

Host Chuck Wilder:
I’m going to concentrate on one state, New Mexico. And the reason I picked that state is that its neighbors, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Oklahoma all share similar geographies and resources, but New Mexico isn’t doing as well as its neighbors. What’s going on there?

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Chief Economist:
I like to look at what the other states are doing right. Wyoming has a huge potential. It’s one of only two states in America that goes without both a personal income tax and a business income tax.  Next to Colorado that’s been growing for for years is Idaho which has been booming for years. Wyoming is probably next in line assuming that they can keep policies moving in the right direction.

I think the overall message for the top 10 is you’re doing things right. But there’s a ton of upward mobility there and sometimes you don’t have to do anything wrong to fall slightly in the top 10. You could fall behind sometimes just by standing still because there’s so much movement towards the cutting taxes.  We’re huge fans of the Florida experiment. We think that they get it right. And we love Governor DeSantis. He’s been a real hero, obviously for individual liberty.

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