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ALEC Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) condemns Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with the government and citizens of that proud and courageous state. Ukraine is a sovereign, peaceful and democratic country, and these violent attacks are a clear violation of international law and an affront to all who believe in national borders. The West must stand strong and united in opposing Russia’s military assault against Ukraine.

ALEC members have watched with admiration as Ukraine has built and strengthened its democratic institutions and are genuinely moved by the tremendous bravery shown by Ukrainians in defense of their independence and democratic principles. 

Nations around the globe have roundly rejected President Putin’s rationale for his military assault against Ukraine, and the protests breaking out in more than 50 Russian cities and towns suggest a significant portion of the Russian population rejects the Kremlin’s propaganda as well, and we applaud the extraordinary courage of these Russian protesters who are being arrested in the thousands.

Events in Ukraine underscore that the world must never forget the evils perpetrated in the name of communism – a corrupt political system whose tenets are antithetical to the values upon which the United States of America was founded. 

“I would like to ask my fellow Americans to stand with the people of Ukraine in their fight for peace and freedom against evil,” said ALEC Alumna Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (IN). “They are fighting this war not just for them, but for all of us.”

“As CEO of an organization made up of democratically elected state legislators, I am inspired by Ukraine’s elected officials’ leadership and courage in the face of tyranny,” said Lisa B. Nelson, CEO of ALEC. “We are proud to stand with the Ukrainian people.”

“Russia’s premeditated, brutal assault against the Ukrainian people has shredded international norms. President Putin’s references to his nuclear arsenal and statements hinting at a willingness to employ weapons of mass destruction against his enemies should give all in the civilized world pause that no sovereign nation is safe from Russian aggression,” said Karla Jones. “The West stands in support of Ukraine as they fight to defend their nation.”


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