ALEC Alumni John Loudon
ALEC Alumni John Loudon

Alumni Spotlight – John Loudon

John Loudon, an ALEC Alumni Member, was a former lawmaker in the Missouri Senate. While in office, Loudon founded and chaired the Senate’s Small Business, Insurance and Industrial Relations Committee and was vice chair of the Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee.

Loudon speaks of his time as a legislative member in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), saying “I always loved my time with ALEC…for being such a unifying voice for free markets and federalism. Even though I am now in California, I did not leave my concern for liberty at the state line.”

Today, Loudon works with construction workers who choose to work independent of a labor union. He commented that it is a tough job, but one he finds extremely rewarding, representing the 85 percent of construction workers who are non-union. “California lawmakers at all levels work overtime trying to lock nonunion workers out of jobs funded with their own tax dollars.”

Loudon joined the ALEC Alumni Association when ALEC traveled to San Diego for the 2015 ALEC Annual Meeting where he was able to reconnect with old friends, meet new leaders and spread awareness of this serious blue state problem.