ALEC Alumni Phil Hoffman
ALEC Alumni Phil Hoffman

Alumni Spotlight – Phil Hoffman

Phil Hoffman first became involved in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in 1987. In his 15 years as an active member, Hoffman served as the Task Force Chair on the Communication and Technology Task Force, as an ALEC Board Member and even as the First Vice Chairman of ALEC. He enjoyed his time as an ALEC member and since decided to join the ALEC Alumni Association.

Hoffman first joined ALEC because he saw the need to focus on fiscal issues in the statehouse. He expressed, “ALEC stood for what I was looking for.” He stayed as a member of ALEC because the organization offered even more. It offered a chance to network across state lines. “I could go to meetings and talk to lawmakers [in other states], tell them what I was looking to do [in Michigan] and from them learn ways to add to my work in the state.”

After leaving ALEC and public service, Hoffman started his own government consulting firm. He also sits on the boards of several organizations, including the Board of Jackson College, which houses the Jackson Preparatory and Early Education College. “I liked using the ALEC Report Card [on American Education] for my school. But I found that without being an ALEC member I was missing something.”

So Hoffman rejoined ALEC as an Alumni Member. “I was missing that connection with other states – the ideas that the ALEC network provides.”

Hoffman is an active member of the ALEC Alumni Association and still works with ALEC to implement policy ideas in his state. He is currently working with the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform to find ways to improve Michigan’s pension system.