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The Reality of Bidenomics and Oregon’s Declining Competitiveness: Jonathan Williams on iSpy Radio

"Put government on a diet and begin to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, and overspending. That's the only rational way to go."

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, was featured on iSpy Radio to discuss recent Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) jobs reports, the unsustainable amount of government spending, government intervention in the electric vehicle market, and Oregon’s declining economic competitiveness.

Whether you look at GDP which is inherently a flawed way of looking at things that we’ve talked about, or whether you’re looking at some of these jobs’ numbers, they get the headlines that they are looking for in the financial press and in the mainstream media. There’s not a lot of questions asked critically a lot of times around that or even, for folks that are just wanting to get a little bit deeper into the data.

When you look at the household survey versus the payroll survey, there are some big differences there. The track record now going back about a year, if not longer, the numbers being showcased and getting all the fanfare are the big jobs number which, if true, they’re great for the country, and we should all be happy about it. Unfortunately, it’s not been true for a lot of different reasons.

Generally, when Americans around the country are told everything is just fine and we’re booming, and look at all these new job growth numbers. And then of course, the truth and reality come out later. It’s not nearly as rosy as the Biden administration and others would like people to believe.

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