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Driving Pro-Growth Economic Strategies: Jonathan Williams on Moore Money

Utah's economic success continues.

ALEC EVP of Policy & Chief Economist Jonathan Williams spoke with economist Stephen Moore on for his weekend radio show Moore Money to discuss the importance of pro-growth policies in driving economic success. Pointing to examples in the 17th edition of Rich States, Poor States, Williams touched on the success of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona as well as states like New York, New Jersey, and California who suffer from high regulations and over-taxation.

In year one, John Huntsman Jr. was governor of Utah when they created the flat tax. That meant they were one of the first states in America to go from a progressive income tax to a single rate flat tax. But one of the best things states can do is to get rid of the income tax all together for economic growth.

But Utah did that from year one — and they keep cutting rates. And it’s just been so impressive between that, their property tax reform, and pension reform. Utah has been an economic powerhouse.

But it’s not just us saying they’re number one, you know, they’re the fastest growing state in America over the last decade when you look at population growth.

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