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Governors Rated Most Conservative Easily Won Reelection: ALEC in Fox News

All the country’s top conservative governors were easily reelected in midterm elections that overall did not go as well as Republicans hoped.

Governors Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Jared Polis of Colorado, Brad Little of Idaho, Bill Lee of Tennessee, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, Brian Kemp of Georgia, and Greg Abbott of Texas were all ranked in the top 10 of conservative governors in a Laffer-ALEC analysis last year and coasted to reelection on Tuesday.

The Laffer-ALEC 2021 report, which was conducted by well-known conservatives such as ALEC’s Dr. Arthur B. Laffer and The Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore, ranked all 50 governors on their economic, fiscal, and executive policy, with conservative policy positions earning higher marks.

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