Jonathan Williams Joins the State Financial Officers Foundation Advisory Board

ALEC Chief Economist and Vice President for the Center for State and Fiscal Reform, Jonathan Williams, has joined the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF) Advisory Board.

Williams has spoken at many SFOF events and is a co-author of Rich States, Poor States. He is a contributing columnist to Tax Analysts, the leading provider of tax news and analysis for the global community. Additionally, Williams has traveled to all 50 states and is a connoisseur of local and regional food when traveling to state capitals.

SFOF is built on fiscally conservative and free market principles and was founded on the belief that state financial officers should play a greater role in promoting conservative, fiscally responsible public policy.

SFOF organizes leaders from the public and private sector to help state financial officers develop pro-growth policies.

You can read more about SFOF’s principals here.