N.J. could use ALEC’s ideals

The Newark Star-Ledger reported on ALEC last week. We responded with an op-Ed in Sunday’s edition talking about our principles and the real policies New Jersey could use to enhance their economic prosperity. Click here to read the entire piece.

“ALEC stands for free enterprise and limited government. Particularly in the current economic crisis, it is disappointing that ALEC’s detractors place politics above jobs, economic growth and national prosperity.

ALEC has never introduced a bill in a legislature, has never signed one into law and has never lobbied for passage of legislation. Instead, it provides a forum for 2,000 state legislators to discuss solutions to policy challenges. Our membership includes Republicans and Democrats who share common goals, and we do openly value input from job creators in this country.

In a time when all Americans desire increased economic prosperity, shouldn’t we all be working together rather than spending time trying to score cheap political points?”

In Depth: Cronyism

Cronyism in tax policy stifles innovation, hinders competition and introduces a deep temptation for corruption. The 2014 ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform study, The Unseen Costs of Tax Cronyism: Favoritism and Foregone Growth, found that in the most recent year in which states published their respective tax expenditure…

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