North Carolina Ranks Second in Economic Outlook: Jonathan Williams on WNCT 9 News

Since 2011, North Carolina climbed from 26th to 2nd in economic outlook.

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, spoke Sarah Gray Barr of North Carolina’s WNCT 9 stations about the economic outlook of North Carolina based on the findings of the latest edition of Rich States, Poor States report.

“To get to this economic outlook score, it’s all things that lawmakers can directly control and, even in a relatively short amount of time, can make changes for better or worse to really change the trajectory of those states.”

The report is aimed at lawmakers and legislators. Its metrics include variables such as the top marginal personal income tax rate, top marginal corporate income tax rate, sales tax burden and state minimum wage. In regard to improvements in economic outlook, Williams adds his thoughts on what North Carolinians can do for their future prospects.

“How can they actually improve the economic outcome for their states, their budgets, and more importantly, their constituents and the hardworking people of their states,” Williams said.

“So much of our government and the actions that matter to us doesn’t happen here in Washington, DC. It happens in your state capitol, in your local levels of government, and that’s something this report wants to highlight.”

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