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Safeguarding Workers’ Voices and Opinions: Gretchen Baldau in The Birmingham News

Alabama’s legislation should be applauded for safeguarding workers’ voices and opinions.

Gretchen Baldau, ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Senior Director, spoke with about Alabama Senate Bill 231. Sponsored by ALEC State Chair, Senator Arthur Orr and just signed by Gov. Kay Ivey, the bill ties state incentives for businesses to unionization votes via secret ballot and to obtaining employees’ written permission before sharing their contact information with unions.

Alabama’s legislation should be applauded for “safeguarding workers’ voices and opinions” by secret balloting, Baldau said.

“Union leaders themselves use secret ballots for their own internal elections, and all Americans benefit from secret ballots when electing political leaders. Ultimately, if a union cannot withstand the scrutiny of a secret ballot vote, then one must question if they truly had support from the start.”

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