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Sneak Peek: Committee to Unleash Prosperity Offers COVID-19 Responses

This weekend, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity held a conference call to discuss pro-growth and liberty-based responses to COVID-19. The committee was founded by ALEC PEAC Member Steve Moore, ALEC Board of Scholar Member Dr. Art Laffer, and the Honorable Steve Forbes — three influential economic thinkers. Americans need opportunity in whatever way they can get it, but free market approaches will have more of a lasting difference than simply big government handouts.

Listen to Dr. Laffer discuss how a payroll tax exemption and other pro-growth solutions are the best ways to support individuals during these challenging times:

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity seeks six straight forward policies:

  1. A broad-based, low rate, flat tax
  2. Limited government spending
  3. Less regulation
  4. Sound money
  5. Free trade
  6. Rule of constitutional law

These ideas are based on the principle that individuals have rights with or without a government’s say so. That’s why the recent California “shelter in place” order troubles Moore so much. It goes against his views as a self-proclaimed “civil libertarian” in the next segment of the committee’s conference call. He argues we should think twice about these types of orders. That’s probably a good idea — especially when you consider the potential civil liberties violations.

This playlist — State Audio Resources: COVID-19 — will be continually updated with conference calls and other pieces of audio information from ALEC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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