State Legislator of the Month, February 2024: Virginia Sen. Chris Head

We are pleased to announce Virginia State Senator Chris Head as the February 2024 State Legislator of the Month. Head has been committed to public service for many years and has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of his constituents in the southwestern region of the Commonwealth.

The State Legislator of the Month award highlights successes and acknowledges those who personify the principles at the core of ALEC – limited government, free markets, and federalism.

Head’s entry into politics was spurred by his experience as a new business owner facing regulatory challenges. He recognized the need for change and decided to pursue a career in public service to make regulations more business-friendly and accessible. Since his election to the legislature in 2011, Head remained committed to the principle of limited government and advocated for pro-business policies, working to empower his community.

After the recent redistricting, Head’s district expanded to include 11 localities, but remains dedicated to serving each small town within his district. He prioritizes engaging with constituents and actively seeks their concerns to address their needs effectively. He focuses on fostering economic growth and prosperity, particularly in Botetourt County, his residence, and Roanoke, where his business operates.

His former seatmate, Delegate Michael Webert, remarked, “Chris has been an advocate for all kinds of regulatory reform and when we started, he and I focused our efforts on business issues. Chris is well deserving of this recognition as he has continuously worked to make Virginia the best place to do business and raise a family.”

Head owns a small business providing in-home care services to senior adults. His commitment to safeguarding seniors against abuse and neglect and ensuring high-quality care for seniors has been evident throughout his tenure. As a member of the House of Delegates and now in the Senate, Head has led legislative efforts to support these essential initiatives.

Head serves on several key committees, including Education and Health, General Laws and Technology, and Rehabilitation and Social Services. Last year, he participated in the ALEC Economic Liberty Academy, which underscores his proactive approach to policymaking.

Just last week, Head successfully shepherded five bills through the legislature, all of which received overwhelming support and are now en route to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

Notably, one bill expedites assessments of the Health Insurance Reform Commission, while another bill grants physician assistants the flexibility to practice in various locations. Two other bills still working their way through the legislative process include the Medical Ethics Defense Act, which safeguard the rights of medical professional and healthcare entities to adhere to their ethics, while providing mechanisms to address violations and protect those who report them; and a bill requiring examination of blockchain technology are issues also supported by ALEC policy experts.

In conclusion, Senator Chris Head’s unwavering dedication to balancing his values with responsiveness to constituent concerns and his pragmatic approach to governance make him a true leader. Congratulations, Senator Head, on being named the State Legislator of the Month for February!