Regulatory Reform

State Legislator of the Month – OK Senator Micheal Bergstrom

Thank you, Sen. Micheal Bergstrom

For the month of February, we are pleased to announce Oklahoma Senator Micheal Bergstrom as the ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month. This award is given to those state legislators fighting the good fight for individual liberty and free enterprise in the states. The national stage cares deeply about local state stories where state legislators pass the solutions that everyday Americans deserve.

Occupational licensing reform makes attaining a job easier for thousands of individuals every year. However, confirming it’s adequately up-to-date and working requires a reviewing system that analyzes the current regulatory status, as well as the need for more or less regulation.

This month, a bill was introduced in Oklahoma, sponsored by Senator Bergstrom, which establishes the criteria for review of occupational licenses by the least restrictive means necessary. This bill ensures that occupational license regulation is keeping people safe while simultaneously not making employment more difficult.

Thank you, Senator Bergstrom, for protecting individual liberty and free enterprise in the states. Congratulations on being the newest State Legislator of the Month.

Listen to the ALEC podcast, Across the States, episode featuring Senator Bergstrom here.

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