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State Legislator of the Month – UT Rep. Kim Coleman

Thank you, Representative Kim Coleman

Representative Kim Coleman provides real solutions and sets her legislative priorities for Utahns in district 42, encompassing parts of West Jordan and South Jordan. Coleman received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah. After founding a successful charter school in Utah, she now serves as the Vice Chair of the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice committee, a member of the Political Subdivisions and Administrative Rules Review committee and is the Utah State Chair for the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Coleman has been a champion for free speech, especially when it comes to speech on college campuses. She has recently sponsored and helped pass legislation to protect the speech of college students on campus against unwarranted lawsuits. Coleman is currently sponsoring legislation to enshrine the principles of the first amendment into law, which will protect both public institutions and the individuals on campus.

This legislation makes sense for the constituents in her district. More than 35% of her voting constituents – 25 years or older – went to college and were affected by the good or bad free speech policies a college might have. But 100% of college students deal with free speech issues on campus. Many of these institutions feel the pressure from one side or the other to act for or against certain ideas or speakers. Enshrining and educating on first amendment principles will guarantee a college is protected against those who would promote chaos instead of debate. This is the only way to maintain the free market of ideas for those who are being developed in our education system.

Congratulations to the March State Legislator of the Month, Representative Kim Coleman. The American Legislative Exchange Council thanks you for your tireless efforts.

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